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Auto Body Repair Process

Step 1: Assessment and Estimate

Step 1.1: Assessment

In his step, we or your insurance company assess the damage to the vehicle either in person or with photos.

Step 1.2: Estimate

In this step you or the insurance company are provided an estimate of the damage, the estimate is not final as there may be unseen damage that needs to be repaired which may increase the cost of the quote.

Step 2: Approval

Step 2.1: Client or Insurance Approval

Once you or your insurance company have received the estimate, if it is private you will have to give authorisation for approval of the job, if it is through the insurance company, they will need to give authorisation.

Step 3: Disassembly

Step 3.1: Disassembly

At this stage, your vehicle's damaged parts are disassembled or where appropriate.

Step 3.2: Check and report unseen damage

At this stage, we also look for unseen damage and report back to you or your insurance with an updated estimate.

Step 4: Parts Ordering

Step 4.1: Order Car Body Parts

At this stage, we order the necessary car body parts, that are either broken or too damaged to be repaired. Parts orders may delay the repair process depending on if the parts are on backorder, meaning they have to be imported from overseas which can take up to 21 working days.

Step 5: Structural Repair

Step 5.1: Structural Repair

At this stage our, we repair any structural damage, such as the cars frame, chassis, etc

Step 5.1: Quality Control

We check if structural repairs have been carried out correctly and to manufacturers' standards.

Step 6: Body Repair

Step 6.1: Panel Beating

At the panel beating stage, we panel beat and repair any dents and body damage.

Step 6.1: Quality Control

We check if body repairs have been carried out correctly and to manufacturers' standards.

Step 7: Spray Painting

Step 7.1: Spray Painting

At the spray painting stage, we spray paint the panels and body where necessary and colour match your car's existing colour.

Step 7.1: Quality Control

We check to ensure car spray painting has been expertly done and that there are no paint defects.

Step 8: Detailing

Step 8.1: Car Wash

At this stage, we clean and polish your car so it is returned to you in excellent condition.

Step 9: Quality Control and Delivery

Step 8.1: Quality Control

At this stage, our team inspects the car to ensure all work standards are met and work is carried out with very high standards.

Step 8.2: Customer Inspection and Delivery

At this stage, we go through the repairs with you to ensure you are happy with the repairs and once you have signed off you take the car back home.