Car Respray Cost: How Much it Costs to Spray Paint a Car in Johannesburg

Full Car Respray Price

The cost for a full car respray including, the car doors, bonnet, hood, roof, etc. can vary a lot. There are many factors that can influence this cost including changing the car's paint colour to something other than the original paint colour, the make, and model of the car, etc.

Type of Car Low Estimate High Estimate
Sedan: VW Polo, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra R30000 R60000
SUV: Audi Q5, Toyota Hilux, BMW X5 R40000 R80000

Factors Affecting Pricing

Car Make and Model

The size and design of a car can influence the price. Generally, larger vehicles, like SUVs, tend to cost more due to the increased surface area and paint required.

Changing Paint Colour

Switching your car's color can substantially raise the price, as it often involves stripping the original paint, adding more prep work, and ensuring a uniform finish.

Type of Car Paint

Different paints come with varying price tags. Some options include:

  • Solid Colour Paint: This car paint is single, uniform color with no added metallic or pearl effect.
  • Metallic Paint: This car paint contains tiny metal flakes that create a shimmering effect in the paint, giving the car a more luxurious look.
  • Pearl Paint: This car paint contains mica or iridescent particles that create a subtle, changing color effect, especially when viewed from different angles.
  • Tri-Coat: A tri-coat is a three-layer paint system that combines a base coat, a mid-coat with metallic flakes, and a clear coat for added depth and shine.
  • Matte Paint: A matte paint is flat, non-reflective finish that does not have a shine, often used for sport or luxury vehicles.
  • Satin Paint: A satin car paint is a low-gloss finish that has a subtle sheen, often used as an alternative to matte or glossy finishes.

Pre-existing Damage

Damaged areas must be addressed before a respray. Thus, cars with dents or other damage will typically have higher respray costs.

Paintwork Guarantee

A lifetime guarantee can add to the cost, but it ensures peace of mind. Always weigh the pros and cons before choosing a shop based solely on price.

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Choosing the Right Car Spray Painter

It's crucial to pick a reputable car painter. Larger establishments might charge 20-30% more than smaller family-run shops. Consider their reviews, experience, and guarantees.