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Car Scratch Repair in Sandton Johannesburg

Get rid of those nasty car scratches and paint scrapes fast

Scratch Repair Services

We specialise in car scratch repair and removal services, serving clients throughout Johannesburg, Sandton, Randburg, Midrand, and Roodepoort. Our panel beating specialists are standing by to repair all minor, and major car paint scratches and paint scrapes fast.

Scratch and Dent Repair

Car scratches and dents accumulate over the years and can be rather revolting to look at, fortunately, we can repair these scratches and dents fast, we offer a lifetime guarantee on paintwork and 24 months guarantee on workmanship.

Car Scratch and Dent Repair

Car Paint Repair

If the paint of your car has been damaged by scratches or scrapes or even by the sun, we can assist. We offer car paint repair services, which include minor and major scratches and paint scrapes. Get a free quote today, we will get your car looking beautiful again.

Car Paint Repair

Car Scratch Repair

Clear Coat Scratch

A clear coat is applied after the vehicle has been painted. This layer protects your car's paint layer and makes the paint shine and stand out. If you have a clear coat scratch, this is easily repaired by spraying some clear coat on the affected area.

Car Paint Scratch

Car paint is the paint applied to the car body after the primer, there are millions of paint colours to choose from. If you have a paint scratch, your car's paint colour will have to be matched, depending on the extent of the scratches the paint will either be touched up with a small brush or the entire panel will need to be resprayed, thereafter clear coat will be applied.

Car Primer Scratch

Paint primer is applied to your car's sheet metal, this allows car paint to bond to your vehicle. If you have a very deep car scratch or scrape that exposes the primer or car's sheet metal, it will need to be repaired hastily as leaving this can cause rust and further damage. Usually, this damage is severe and the entire panel needs to be resprayed.

Car Paint Scrape Repair

If you've ever had a gate close on your car, side-swiped a poll or you've been sideswiped by another car or vice versa, you probably have an absolutely terrible paint scrape accompanied by a dent, don’t sweat our expert panel beaters can repair these.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to fix a car scratch?

The cost depends on the type of scratch, the amount of scratches and severity of the scratch. The average cost of a car scratch repair is upwards of R1500. If you have small scratch that needs a touch up this will be a lot less if you need for example your bonnet resprayed.

Should I just touch up the paint or respray the panel?

It depends on what you prefer, the extent of scratches, and your budget. A paint touch-up is the cheaper fix but the scratch may still be noticeable. It is also possible to buff the scratch out depending on how deep it is. You may need to respray the entire panel i.e., the bumper or car bonnet, etc. depending on the extent and depth of the scratches.

What types of car scratches are there?

The three main types of car scratches, from least severe to most severe, are; clear coat scratches, paint scratches, and primer scratches.

types of car scratches