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Front Bumper Replacement in Sandton, Johannesburg

Front bumper replacement for all makes and models

Front Bumper

We specialise in front bumper replacement for all vehicle makes and models, serving the entire Johannesburg area including Sandton, Randburg, Midrand, and Roodepoort. We Replace front car bumpers for all makes and models, including Toyota, Ford, VW, Kia, Suzuki, etc.

OEM Front Bumper

OEM front bumpers are the best solution if your car is a newer model and still under warranty. OEM car body parts are the original car body parts from the manufacturer. OEM Front Bumpers are generally more expensive than aftermarket body parts by a significant margin. We have supplier relations with all OEM body part suppliers. Request a free quote today.

Aftermarket Front Bumper

Aftermarket front bumpers are recommended for older vehicles or for cars that do not have OEM front bumpers available. Aftermarket car body parts are usually cheaper and are manufactured to similar standards to OEM car body parts.