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Mag Wheel Repair in Sandton Johannesburg

We offer mag wheel repair for all types of mag damage

Mag Repair Services

We repair mag wheels with all types of damage including buckles and bends, curb damage, corrosion, or gouges and cracks. We specialise in mag wheel repair, serving clients throughout Johannesburg, including Sandton, Randburg, Midrand, and Roodepoort.

Mag Wheel Straightening

If you've hit a pothole on the road or bumped a curb, your rim may have buckled and bent. We can assist with straightening the mag and returning it back to a safe drivable condition with specialised straightening and repair tools.

Mag Wheel Welding

If your mag wheel has a crack in it, it may be considered a catastrophic failure. We can weld your mag back together and repair the crack to ensure a safe drive. Not all types of mags can be repaired, and sometimes if the damage is very severe it may need replacement.

Mag Wheel Painting

If your mag wheel is scratched up and the paint is damaged or if you would like a change of colour on your car's mags we can assist, we can respray your car's mags and get them looking good as new. Powder coating is the best option for painting mag wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes mag damage?

There are many causes for mag wheel damage, some of them being, potholes, curb damage, road debris, driving with a flat tyre, etc.